Hand Made Wooden Furniture Products

Environment Policy

Timber Products
We recognise and take seriously our responsibility to the environment and to the principles of timber as a legal, sustainable and renewable resource. All the wood we use to manufacture our bespoke products but also the wood we sell from our timber merchants is sourced from suppliers who buy timber from well-managed forests and refer to the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) tool. All the timber we buy carries the FSC label ( insert FSC logo if possible)

We aim to recyclee as much of our wood off-cuts as possible. In our joinery workshop we manufacture a wide range of products including doors, windows, staircases, garden buildings. We use the oak, ash, pine, softwood and hardwood off cuts from the larger jobs to create many of our products that we sell at wooden designs. We sell smaller off cuts as kindling where possible.

Workshop heating
We have recently installed a T150 Talbots biomass boiler in which we burn the remainder of our wood waste which ensures we keep our landfill to a minimum. Our joiners now complain its too hot!

Paper Packaging
We have a DIY and timber store next to our joinery workshop which means we end up with lots of cardboard packaging etc. We re-use this where we can to wrap our bespoke products in to send to you. We apologise if our products come to you in a previously used box but it is our way of being kind to the environment. We send our surplus cardboard to the paper recycling skip which raises funds to keep the local swimming pool open.
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